Eco-driving Tips

Eco-Driving Tips

Before you Start the Engine

  1. Planning ahead - Use your phone's Waze or Google Maps app to avoid heavy traffic
  2. Keep your car in top shape - Tire pressure, type of oil, wheel alignment...these can all help or hurt your gas mileage
  3. Drop some weight - Full trunks weigh your car (and wallet) down
  4. Consolidate trips - Cold engines get poor mileage, stringing errands together can save you gas and dollars 

Driving Style

  1. Minimize idling – It gets you zero MPG. Warm up by driving instead!
  2. Smooth accelerating and braking - You know this one, so make it a habit
  3. High speeds hurt MPG - Vehicles differ, but most cars get their best mileage in the 45 to 60 MPH range
  4. Stay steady - Fast starts, weaving in and out of traffic, and hard braking all waste they wear out brakes and tires more quickly.
  5. Use Cruise Control When it's safe to do so
  6. AC hurts MPG - When possible, minimize the use of air conditioning
  7. Open windows are a drag - Having your windows open at higher speeds is like having a parachute on the back of your car! 

Avoiding Crashes

  1. Remember that it’s not all about you! - Crash avoidance is an important component of green driving
  2. Be considerate - Don’t anger other drivers by going way too slow or accelerating at a snail’s pace when you have a bunch of cars in back
  3. Maintain a safe space around your vehicle - Tailgating can anger the driver in front, making them drive poorly
  4. If you're driving unsafely, you're not eco-driving - Resist the temptation to roll through stop signs and run red lights!
  5. Eco-driving is about balance - Treat other drivers with respect. We all make mistakes.